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What are free loans?

What are free loans?

A free cash loan is a product most often granted by loan companies. A zero-rate loan is a way to get cash quickly without any additional costs. The customer who decides on such a loan, pays exactly as much as he borrowed (APRC in this case is 0%). Of course, provided that the loan is repaid on time.

And how much time do we have to pay back such a liability? It all depends on what offer we choose. The most popular is a loan for 60 days, as well as a free loan for 30 days. As you can see, the period in which we have to pay back a free loan is very short, which is why the first free loan is most often granted for a maximum of several thousand zlotys.

Free loan – for whom?

Free loan - for whom?

Free loans are directed to new customers who have not previously used this product in a given company. If we want to use the online loan for free several times, we should take it out at other loan companies every time. The main criterion for granting a free loan is age. Payday loans for 18 years are most commonly available, but there are also zero-rate loans granted to persons over 21 years old. Sometimes there is also an upper age limit, most often it is 75 years.

Zero loan – for what purpose?

Zero loan - for what purpose?

Loans and payday loans for free are not targeted products, which is why we can spend them on practically anything. However, free loans are granted for just a few thousand zlotys, which is why they are most often useful for covering the costs of repairs, holidays or other current expenses. Some people also opt for free loans to pay off another liability.

Free loan without certificates

Free loan without certificates

Free loans without certificates have recently become very popular, thanks to which you can receive cash without presenting an income certificate. Thanks to this solution, not only people who work on a contract of employment can count on a free loan, but also on a commission contract or a specific task contract.

Loans via the Internet without certificates are also available to pensioners, retired people and even the unemployed, or those who work in the dark and would not have a chance to get a loan. In addition, free payday pay is a good way to build a positive credit history for young people who previously did not incur any obligations.

Loan without certificates and client verification

Loan without certificates and client verification

Appropriate customer verification is very important, especially for free loans without certificates. It is to ensure security for both the company that provides the loan and the client. Appropriate verification protects against submitting the application by a person who is impersonating someone else (e.g. using a stolen ID card).

In many non-bank institutions, the applicant must provide the ID and PESEL serial number, and sometimes also provide an ID card scan. The next step is customer verification, which can take the form of a bank transfer. In this case, the applicant should make a transfer from his personal account for USD 0.1 or USD 1 (this amount is later paid together with the loan). Of course, there are also payday loans without BIK without transferring a penny, in which the way of verification can be a telephone conversation during which the consultant checks the correctness of the data provided by the client.

Free online loans without BIK

Free online loans without BIK

The Credit Information Bureau is a banking system whose main task is to collect information about borrowers. The BIK contains data on the borrowers’ current as well as repayment obligations. It is based on this data that most banks decide whether to grant us a loan.

And what does it look like with zero-rate loans? Are there free online loans for which a given company does not check information in BIK? It all depends on the loan company where we will take a payday loan. Therefore, before making the final decision, it is worth carefully analyzing the ranking of free loans and check the payday loans comparison site, where we will find additional information on a given offer.

Some companies verify their clients even in several databases, but there are also such loan companies that do not check any debt rankings and grant their clients free loans online without BIK. However, usually the maximum amount that we can borrow is lower than in other offers.

Is a free loan safe?

Is a free loan safe?

Free loans for new customers were created mainly to reach people who until now considered payday loans as high-risk products. Free online loans are safe provided they are paid back on time. That is why it depends mainly on us whether a free cash loan will charge us additional costs or whether it will be only financial help during a difficult month. Irresponsible borrowers who fail to pay their first free loan on time must be aware of the costs they will have to bear for the delay.

For security, it’s also worth carefully reading the contract we enter into with the company. It is best to use only proven loan companies or those that have a good reputation on the internet. For this purpose, you can check the offers in the ranking of popular loans. It is also worth asking for the opinions of friends who have previously decided on a free payday loan at a given loan company.

Free loans – why is it worth it?

Free loans - why is it worth it?

It’s worth choosing a free loan for several reasons, primarily because it costs us nothing if we repay it on time. In addition, free online loans are available in many companies and reduce all formalities to a minimum. They will therefore prove to be a good solution for people who need a quick injection of cash.

A free loan without certificates is also a great option for people who live on a source other than work, and it is much easier to get payday loans than a bank loan. Additionally, in some loan companies, people who have taken advantage of a free loan can count on various promotions and discounts.

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