22 schools closed in Belagavi in ​​Karnataka as the leopard prowls the residential area

Authorities have been trying to catch the leopard for 18 days, after a construction worker was attacked.

Authorities in Belagavi, Karnataka declared a public holiday for 22 primary and secondary schools in the district on Monday, August 22, following the relocation of a leopard found in a residential area. Holidays have been declared for schools in the cantonment area of ​​Belagavi town and surrounding rural areas.

A private bus driver shot a video of the leopard’s movement and the development sparked some tension among locals, especially parents and children. The leopard was seen prowling near the golf course and disappeared near the campus of a private school. Forest officers search the area to catch the leopard.

Authorities have been trying to catch the leopard for 18 days after a construction worker was attacked in Jadhavnagar of Belagavi town. Shanta, 65, the mother of laborer Siddarayi Mirajkar, who was attacked by a leopard, died of a heart attack when she heard the news. The mother thought her son was dead, but the worker managed to escape the attack and survived after medical treatment.

The leopard, which was not seen after the attack, resurfaced. Taking no chances, Deputy Director of Education Department Basavaraja Nalatawada declared a vacation for the schools.

It is not the first time that a public holiday has been declared in the district because of this leopard. On August 8, 11 schools were closed as the forest service and police authorities continued their search operation for the leopard.

Locals have been told to be vigilant when leaving their homes and told not to send their children outside.