Construction Plan for New Starbucks and Commercial Space in NorKam Approved | Radio NL


A driving Starbucks will soon be moving to MacArthur Island.

Kamloops Council has approved a development permit for vacant land on Tranquille Road and 12th Street, across from NorKam Secondary.

Jeremy Heighton, executive director of the North Shore Business Improvement Association, explains that a gas station was located at this site.

“In reality, when a gas station closes, it has to enter a sort of dormant phase. And the soil is monitored and tested for a period of time before any new development can move forward. Now when this one closed, they actually dug up a whole pile of dirt and replaced it, which accelerated that typical phase of dormancy.

The development will also have two commercial tenants, and Heighton says the plans are good news for this neighborhood.

“We think this will be a really positive addition to the 12th Street corridor. There are already a number of commercial properties further down to the 12th. It’s one of those kinds of things where it kind of becomes a community hub for that particular neighborhood and that area. So we are all in favor of it. There is nothing wrong with having new top quality business opportunities here on the North Shore, ”he says.

“It has always been a pretty heavy traffic area, when it was a gas station there was quite a bit of business… There would be a huge amount of business to do with NorKam High School.”

A development schedule on the property was not immediately clear.


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