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The new system and software have the ability to present a wide variety of full dome shows, as well as project flat dome images such as PowerPoint, DVDs and Bluerays. A new LED star light has been added to the existing Spitz Staff Star projector which projects the current night sky. A new sound system was installed and new cove lighting was added around the inner edge of the dome.

The lobby has been redesigned with new paint, furniture and exhibition spaces. The theater reopened to the public last June and offers:

The theater opened in 1980 as a state-of-the-art planetarium and has attracted thousands of visitors each year who have enjoyed multimedia shows, celebrity talks, and the same big screen movies shown in Omnimax cinemas in across the country. Over the past 20 years, the cinema has gradually disappeared and been replaced by digital equipment, rendering most of the capabilities of the Paulucci Space Theater obsolete. Milani used the 18-month-old COVID-19 shutdown to deep clean and clean the facility to make room for the renovation and digital transition. Weekly All Sky Movies: Rotating feature films such as “Touching the Sun” and “Cosmic Castaways”.

“The new equipment gives us access to a staggering amount of program and performance content,” Milani said. “Planetarium guests can take virtual trips across the cosmos and explore thousands of miles above Earth, our planetary system, the Milky Way and black holes.” The renovation was led by Kevin Milani, a chemistry professor at HCC who teaches an astronomy course. Milani has worked for HCC for 36 years and served as Deputy Director of the Planetarium for 11 of those years.

Nighttime Telescope Observation: Members of the Range Astronomy Club set up telescopes in the theater parking lot for the public to see deep sky objects and the moon, Jupiter and Saturn. School outings: schools in the region can choose from more than 20 shows suitable for grades K-12. Kindergarten to Grade 3 students can enjoy shows such as “La petite étoiles qui Could”. Junior high and high school students are suitable for “Cosmic Colors: An Adventure Along the Spectrum” or “Asteroid Impact Monitoring Mission”.

“The financial support from our local community, former residents and foundations was incredible,” said Milani. “Many people shared fond memories of growing up and living in northeastern Minnesota and learning about the stars and constellations on their school trips to the planetarium.” New visualization software: (1) OpenSpace can visualize and simulate a flight to anywhere in the whole known universe, (2) Stellarium can display the current night sky from any location on earth, draw constellations and simulate astronomical phenomena such as meteor showers or comets, and solar or lunar eclipses, and (3) the World Telescope has similar capabilities to OpenSpace and Stellarium and is developed by the American Astronomical Society. Theater Rental: Rental of facilities for business meetings, birthdays, groups, fundraisers and family reunions.

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