How do you know if someone took a loan from me?

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The increasing availability of loans and borrowings as well as the ease with which they are incurred, causes many frauds and scams in this regard. How does it happend? And can you check if someone took my loan?

How do you take a loan for someone?

How do you take a loan for someone?

We will start unconventionally, i.e. how you can take out a loan for another person, because, contrary to appearances, it is not so difficult.

In many cases, it is now enough to send a copy of your ID card online to get additional funds. And it is not difficult at all. You can use stolen evidence for this or make a full “legal” copy. How? Only a few years ago, many service companies required the client to make a copy of an ID document, e.g. when ski equipment or a yacht were rented. It’s a simple way to get all the necessary data.

Today, of course, no other companies operating in accordance with the law do so, although fraud may still occur, especially if the client is not aware of the risks. Therefore, if it is necessary to write down data from evidence, you must always make sure that the employee does not go away to a place where it is impossible to check what he is doing.

Fraudsters have to show a little more finesse when the parabank requires a verification transfer from their bank account. But this is also possible when third parties are included in the dealings, e.g. a courier providing a contract to create an account online.

Why are we writing about this? To make everyone realize that someone may encounter a situation where someone takes a loan for their personal data. And how to protect yourself from this? The Credit Information Bureau will help.

What is BIK?

What is BIK?

BIK, or Credit Information Bureau, is an institution that collects information about loans taken from banks and credit unions. For some time now, it also has information about loans. It is in this database that banks check borrowers to assess their creditworthiness. However, this is not only its purpose.

Everyone can request a BIK report on it. What will it do?

How can I check if someone has taken my loan as proof?

How can I check if someone has taken my loan as proof?

The best way to check if someone has taken credit on my ID is to generate a BIK report. To do this, you must first create an account in this database. To do this, you must complete the form, provide your ID number and PESEL number, and then confirm your identity.

Once the account has been verified, you can log in and generate a report. Unfortunately, it is paid. A single report costs USD 39, while a package of 12 reports costs USD 99. This allows you to check all the commitments made so far.

There is also another, often more profitable option – BIK alerts. These are notifications that come to the indicated phone number each time an attempt is made to obtain a loan for the indicated personal data. The cost is USD 24 per year. However, if you order the aforementioned package of 12 reports, then BIK alerts are included in their price as an additional service.

And what to do when there is extortion? You must immediately report this matter to the police and report to the prosecutor’s office of suspected crime. If this is abandoned, it can be difficult to prove that it was not the borrower indicated on the contract that sent the application and received funds that it does not repay.