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Mr. Editor:

To build a house these days, you better be prepared to pay a fortune. Construction companies will charge $ 500 per square foot. But there is a way to avoid sky-high prices and build your dream home for $ 100,000.

All you need is a budding architect, a year of your time, a pickup with an 8ft bed, at least 3 acres, and a vision.

You need to be the general contractor for the entire process, hiring subcontractors for each stage of the construction. There are those who can dig and build the foundation and install the septic system. They will even harvest trees that get in the way. The wood can then be milled for framing, siding, flooring and trim.

At that time, a drilling contractor should come. Then you need to find carpenters to frame the house. Purchase all windows and doors before framing them. There are places that sell canceled orders at a huge discount. Immediately after the frame, the structure must be sheathed and covered. Then, plumbing and electrical contractors can step in. Once they are completed, your dream house should be insulated and covered with drywall, which you can do on your own. The same goes for flooring, woodwork, planks and siding. But you will need to buy all the necessary tools like a planer, jigsaw, table saw, etc.

After a year of hard work you will be exhausted, but the payoff for building your own eco-friendly home will be huge. And the builders will hate you because they couldn’t take you for a ride.

Jan Halaska

Lake Hill, New York


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