Nagpur Municipal Corporation Registers Duplex in Residential Government Building Under Revaluation | Nagpur News

NAGPUR: In a reassessment campaign, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMClisten)) registered a duplex located in a residential area as a state government building.

Also, a few citizens’ property tax application is shown as void on the NMC website due to erroneous data.
The civic body had launched a new property tax system – assessed value based on loan calculator – from April 1, 2015. The system came into effect two years later in 2017. To implement it, the NMC reassessed existing properties and appraised new ones beginning in November. 2015.
Dr. Vijay Motghare, resident of HB domain, Sonegaon, was surprised when he went to pay property tax for his duplex. “The new software showed no fees. Having received no response for two days, I filed a complaint and requested that I obtain a 10% tax benefit. June 30 was the deadline to pay and I have no information,” he said.
Deputy Commissioner Milind Meshram these corrections will be made soon. “Anant Technology Pvt Ltd, which was contracted to collect the data submitted in 2018 that the HB Estate duplex is a state government building,” it said.
Motghare said no one had inspected his house and ‘there can be no confusion as HB Estate is a purely residential settlement’.
The property tax department had developed unique software and started operating it from April 1. The civic body used to manually prepare the demand note of the existing properties every year. In the new software — GeoCivic — the sight note is automatically generated at the start of the new exercise. If the properties change, the NMC revises the tax.
“Taxes for some additional properties are also zero. It is because the data is incorrect or not total. The private agency probably didn’t catch the age of the buildings,” Meshram said.
Meshram added that NMC did not pay Anant Technology for the blunders. “The agency has been contracted to collect data on 1.25 lakh properties. It did so for 42,000 properties and demanded payment of Rs 40 lakh for 35,000 units. We haven’t cleaned it up,” he said.
* NMC Launches Property Tax System – Assessed Value Based Loan Calculator – April 1, 2015
* Revaluation of existing properties and valuation of new properties had to be done
* Exact measurement, service life, type, pictures and other building details were needed
* Hired Pvt agency was to complete the works by 2020
* Work has been delayed so NMC has hired another agency to collect data on some areas