Opening of a new coworking space in Falmouth


A new state-of-the-art coworking space has opened in Falmouth.

Fastnet House, on the new Church View Business Park in Bickland Water Road, offers 300m² of bespoke office space, designed to echo the increasingly popular coworking offices that have opened in major cities around the world.

Designed to be inspiring and flexible, it offers a variety of work, meeting and collaboration options, including shared office, permanent office space, and private studios and offices.

Fastnet House is the brainchild of husband and wife team Alex and Sarah Head. They had struggled to find a space that reflected the ambitious plans they had for their shipping marketing agency, Fastnet Marketing, and so decided to create their own.

“We were starting to realize how difficult it is to find flexible, upscale office space in and around Falmouth,” said Sarah.

“We wanted an environment that allowed us to grow, without a restrictive lease. It had to be beautiful and vibrant, but also a space where we could socialize and collaborate with other companies, which I think is so important when working in a small team.

Construction was handled by Alex, who selected local artisans.

He said: “We were fortunate to have already completed a few national projects, so we had an excellent network of business contacts.

“We knew we needed a construction team who shared our vision. From Billie Lambert at Castle Bay Construction who helped with the main structure, to Gareth Sibley of Sibley Electrical, the Trident and Fal Fire teams, and the – it has been an effortless partnership every step of the way, and we are incredibly happy with the end result.

Inspired by Falmouth and all things maritime, Alex and Sarah were also looking for something special among their subcontractors, which led them to bring in experienced local shipwright Phil Wood.

“I have worked in the marine industry all of my life so I knew that by bringing a qualified boat builder on board we would be able to create a stunning working environment that reflected the surrounding area,” said Alex. .

“From the spacious, custom-built work ‘pods’ to the 12-seater boat-shaped dining table, these unique, hand-crafted touches mean Fastnet House is a prime example of the future of business in Cornwall.”

To find out more, visit or call 01326 250879.


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