Recognize when it’s time to increase your business space

Recognize when it’s time to increase your business space

Don’t hinder your business growth with overcrowded conditions. We’ve identified symptoms that may indicate it’s time to invest in more space with an affordable steel building.

Operational space is crucial. Whether it’s having workspace for people to craft and build, or more storage space to store goods and records, increasing space as your business grows develops keeps the company healthy and your employees productive and happy. When your business is experiencing explosive growth, it’s essential to scale your operations just as quickly. As we will see, the consequence of limited space affects all activities of the organization – from production, execution, customer experience, marketing, operations and human resources, all departments of the organization. Before exploring your options for adding more space by building, you must first recognize the signs that you have exceeded your current capacity.

Three signs that you need more space – and the consequences for your business
Some of the signs that you are overstepping your space will be quite obvious. Work areas become cluttered, inventory and supplies become harder to locate; everything gets cluttered and disorganized no matter how often your team sorts it out. Growing success is a mixed blessing: more business means more revenue and profit, but it also requires more people and the space to run it all. At first you may be able to work with the build space you have, but at some point you will need to expand. You will just need more space to organize and store everything. Offsite temporary storage is expensive and impractical. Moving to another location requires weeks or months of business interruption – and considerable cash to cover immediate additional costs.
A better, more cost effective solution is to add to your existing footprint with the addition of a new adjacent steel building.

Rising sales strain order delivery
Effective marketing and sales activity generates many leads and customer orders – orders that need to be delivered in a timely manner to help build and maintain the relationship. Your production and warehousing teams must keep the promises made. It’s about balancing commercial demand against operational capacity. As sales grow, delivery time may increase, indicating that more capacity needs to be added. Space to produce, space to store raw materials, secure corridors to move work in progress, larger shipping bays and increased space to manage and organize workflow.
Declines in production and warehouse productivity can be measured by the increase in time required to fulfill and deliver orders. It can also be measured by increased wait times for distribution loading, product shortages, longer processing times and lower production levels. Today, customer expectations have increased due to the faster delivery times and more tailored shipping experiences they receive from the retail experience.
The consequence of losing production, fulfillment, and warehousing space is that you will start losing customers to delays. And you will start to see an increase in the number of errors. As soon as your operational efficiency processes begin to fail, the resulting errors become the surest sign you need to increase your capacity before it’s too late.

Inventory records are continually out of date
The inventory count is essential for the company’s sales and production. Sales teams need to understand what is available and ready to ship so they can drive future orders. Purchasing decisions are based on knowing the current SKU and supply levels with enough lead time to order more materials before they run out. Production delays are inexcusable. On both sides of the supply/demand equation, if warehouses and production facilities are congested and overcrowded, correct measurement becomes a challenge, producing inaccurate numbers. Senior management will not be able to plan and make decisions with precision. Disorganization will set in and soon delays will be commonplace, meaning not all departments will be able to find materials, register their levels, or place replacement orders on time. Customers ultimately won’t tolerate out-of-stock delays – they’ll just place an order with a willing competitor.

You need to continually hire staff
As companies grow, adding talent across the organization happens naturally. On the positive side, adding employees means more sales and more people are needed to handle both administration and operations. However, if the hiring of new employees is due to turnover, it is a sign that people are not happy – and working conditions (i.e. the ability to be effective and engaged in their role) are the main contributors to job satisfaction. As frustrations mount due to a lack of operational space (and the resulting business consequences), staff will express their displeasure with their feet. Turnover is one of the main indicators of poor management. As your business scales and scales accordingly, the base that supports it must also grow to provide the people doing the work with the space and infrastructure they need to do their job well. When employees begin to feel confined or restricted, turnover results. Good talent should be nurtured, rewarded and provided with the environment they need to perform at their best.

When you need to add more workspace, Summit Steel Buildings is ready to build.
No one knows your business better than you. As a leader, you want to recognize the signs early before the financial consequences set in. It makes perfect sense to provide the work area teams need and enough space to properly store inventory and supplies so they are easy to access. For these reasons, as your business grows, the smart and cost effective solution is to increase your capacity by adding to your existing footprint with the addition of a new adjacent steel building.

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