Top 6 New Home Construction Trends for 2021


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Like any other industry, the interior design industry is constantly changing from year to year. For the latest trends in home building, you will find environmental awareness and smart, space-saving design at the forefront of buyers’ minds.

In today’s housing market, custom construction is becoming more and more attractive every day. When you build or renovate yourself, you can have any type of home you like, so why not take the advice of other buyers? For the savvy builder, here are the top six new home building trends of 2021.

Energetic efficiency

Energy efficient homes are preferred by consumers for their dual purpose: By saving on energy consumption, these homes are better for the environment and your monthly electric bill.

One of the driving factors behind the craze for small homes is energy awareness. It is because these Small house plans are energy efficient, durable and economical.

A recent survey of the National Association of Home Buyers (NAHB) (NAHB) confirms that of 3,000 homebuyers surveyed, energy efficiency was a top wishlist item.

To raise trees and reduce utility bills, consider your home plan’s Energy Star rating for windows, appliances, and other components.

Combination of building materials

Perhaps the story of the three little pigs would have turned out differently if the pigs had lived together. Combination material homes are storming the market for their charm and durability. For example, many people mix brick ground floors with wood second floors, etc.

With modern building technology, your mix-and-match potential is endless. There are no limits to how you can design residential properties or cottages. If it’s within your budget, the sky’s the limit.

Use of recyclable materials

Buyers today have the advantage of knowing the environment when building their homes. As a result, eco-friendly home designs are more popular than ever. For example, many consumers choose to use recyclable materials in their construction.

Recyclable materials commonly used in home construction are wood, concrete, gypsum, asphalt and metal.

Using these materials ensures that there will be no waste after construction is complete, making it a great option for any tree-loving homeowner.

Multifunctional spaces

The pandemic has forced many consumers to re-evaluate the way they use their homes. Houses are no longer just places to live, but offices, schools, recreation areas and gymnasiums.

As such, multifunctional spaces are the next big trend of 2021.

For example, people with a dining kitchen and separate dining area might look for a place to tidy the dining table and turn the room into a workspace. Likewise, a hangar can be transformed into an office space. Those who build new homes are ditching the strict limits for a house as fluid as they are.

Increased material costs

As the use of hemp and recyclable materials continues to gain popularity, standard materials are more and more expensive. Changes in import tax tariffs and job shortages are fueling the fire of inflation.

Fortunately, a combination of different materials and innovative construction methods helps balance the rising cost of materials. These new materials and technologies can only strengthen the commercial construction industry.

construction trends

Floor to ceiling windows

Another rising trend is the retrofit of homes to accommodate floor-to-ceiling windows. Opening a room to the outside world gives space, light and calm.

While it might not be the easiest upgrade, more owners are embracing it as a year indoors reminds us of the importance of having room to breathe.

Final thoughts

The past two years have changed the way we look at life, work and our homes. These hot construction trends in 2021 show that life does not end for anyone and that innovation will continue to drive the housing market.


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